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  2. Improve your Instagram marketing strategy
  3. Drive Traffic from Instagram
  4. How To Promote Your Small Business on Instagram
  5. How to Delete All Your Instagram Photos
  6. 5. Start Using Instagram Stories
  7. 9 Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Be Using
  8. 10. Utilize Instagram Ads
  9. How to Delete Your Account and Open it Again
  10. 4 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Improve Your Marketing
  11. Instagram Account Analytics & Instagram Insights
  12. 13. Host an Instagram Contest
  13. What Is Instagram Insights?
  14. How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram?
  15. #3: Evaluate Instagram Stories Data
  16. Instagram Marketing Tip #7: Post at the Right Times
  17. Unlock the value of Instagram.
  18. Let Me Train Your Marketing Team
  19. The Best Instagram Analytics Tools
  20. About hack Instagram tool

Attract the Right Followers


And by building an attractive and consistent instagram aesthetic, you can turn casual visitors into devoted, engaged followers. All in all, using instagram stories highlights is a great way for you to attract new followers.

Several media polls agree that instagram is one of the most happening social media platforms and it is the one single platform where you can simply attract followers through just visual content.

It doesn’t make much sense for a makeup brand to do an iphone giveaway. Sure it’s desirable, but this doesn’t attract targeted followers.

Improve your Instagram marketing strategy


Now that we have a better understanding of instagram engagement, thanks to our previous section, it’s time to look to the data to see what brands can actively do to improve their instagram marketing strategy.

How do you know if your instagram marketing strategy is going well? how do you track your instagram performance and improve your content?.

The best part is that this instagram marketing tip is very easy to incorporate. With minimum effort, you can improve your instagram marketing strategy.

Drive Traffic from Instagram


While this can be a very effective way to drive traffic and sales through instagram advertising, it has limitations:.

By leo strupczewski october 07, 2019. Whatever your goal for instagram — whether it’s to grow followers, drive traffic to your website or increase sales — you need to not only keep an eye on the photo-sharing social network’s analytics, but you also need to truly understand them.

According to instagram business blog , their community has got over 2m advertisers. Now it is a proven way to drive traffic to ecommerce websites , generate sales leads for your business, and promote your profile effectively.

How To Promote Your Small Business on Instagram

For small, local businesses, seek out area bloggers who have a strong instagram presence. Work with them to promote your shop’s opening or an event you’re running.

We’ve all seen a-list celebrities promote luxury brands on their instagram posts, but how can influencer marketing relate to small businesses? try utilizing niche marketing.

Instagram also has powerful advertising tools with the potential to skyrocket your small business’ following and sales. If you’re looking for an affordable way to promote your business and reach more customers, you should consider running instagram ads.

How to Delete All Your Instagram Photos

Note: deleting your instagram account means that your profile, photos, videos, likes, comments, and any followers you have will also be permanently deleted.

When you delete your account, instagram will do just that: delete your account and everything on it. That means all of your photos, likes, and comments will be permanently removed.

Also, while older instagram users may have shed their apprehensions over their like count, it’s common among younger people to delete photos that don’t get “enough,” mostad said, because they see it as embarrassing.

5. Start Using Instagram Stories

What better place to start than with stories themselves? these promotional snippets live (for 24 hours) at the top of your followers’ instagram feed, begging for attention – and they do their job well.

Brands are integrating stories into their instagram strategies like never before. Why? for starters, stories enable you to “skip the line” in your followers’ feeds by putting your account at the front of their story queue.

So why not start today?. Now that you know why it is vital to use instagram in your digital marketing strategy let’s go on with tips and tricks to stand out among the other million photos and stories.

9 Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Be Using

Instagram analytics tools can help you track how many people post with your hashtag, how many people like the posts that are tagged with your hashtag, and even the number of unique users that post with your hashtag.

We’ve got the details in our post on the 7 best analytics tools when using instagram for business.

Whether you are looking for a platform to help you schedule your posts, grow your instagram followers and engagement organically, edit your photos to give a cohesive look, or capture deeper analytics so you can learn more about your audience, these tools can help improve your instagram marketing.

10. Utilize Instagram Ads

What is more, users can utilize ads, sponsored posts and make use of instagram’s business feature, that allows them to keep track of how their marketing campaigns are performing.

Note that while you need a business profile to boost posts directly within the instagram app, you can still advertise on instagram through your personal profile if it is attached to a facebook business page and you utilize the facebook ads platform.

Instagram advertising utilizes comprehensive demographic, geographic, and psychographic data to help your ads reach the right people and succeed as much as possible.

How to Delete Your Account and Open it Again

Once this process is complete, your account will be deleted. That part is obvious, but you will also not be able to re-open a new account under the same name, so keep that in mind if you thought deleting your account would be a good way to start fresh.

Follow this link , which takes you to the ‘delete your account’ page. Open the drop-down menu next to ‘why are you deleting your account?’ and choose the option most relevant to you.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Improve Your Marketing

Gain new insights on what competitors are doing and new ways to improve your own marketing strategy. Use tools like socialinsider to study your competitors on instagram and see what strategies they are using to reach their customers.

Instagram Account Analytics & Instagram Insights

Once you’re on a business account, you can find analytics information under “instagram insights. ” these built-in tools provide a range of useful information on your followers and how your posts perform.

When you upgrade your instagram account to a business profile, you will be given analytics tools (instagram insights) to measure your instagram success.

Amy gesenhues on november 2, 2018 at 12:37 pm. More. New instagram account analytics go beyond existing instagram insights.

13. Host an Instagram Contest

If that is the case, this could be a good instagram strategy for you. However if your content is not captivating, what you will likely gain from an instagram contest post is just a ton of ghost followers.

Plan & schedule + consistent publishing = success. 8. Host a contest or giveaway 🎁. Our final tip to get likes on instagram involves you giving something back to your followers.

One of the absolute best ways to gain a following on instagram is to do giveaways or host contests.

What Is Instagram Insights?

Follow meter is an app gives you insights about your instagram popularity, unfollowers, secret admirers and ghost followers. Once downloaded and installed to your ios or android/samsung device, you’ll be asked to sign in to your instagram account through the app.

Follow these steps to access them:. On your instagram profile page, tap the insights bar graph icon at the top middle of your phone screen.

If you haven’t already, you need to turn your instagram account into an instagram for business account. Having a business account allows you to get unique metrics on your posts and stories, insights into your followers, and add information about your company like your business hours, location, and phone number.

How to Grow Your Brand on Instagram?

The instagram analytics you can track depends on your business goals. What are your goals for marketing on instagram? is it to get leads, customers or build brand awareness?  below are common instagram analytics for business metrics you can track continuously to grow your business.

If you want to go a bit deeper than instagram’s own analytics offering, this list is for you. Instagram has been expanding its marketing options for some time, and accordingly the number of brands marketing on instagram has grown from 11.

Instagram stories is fun, easy to use, and creates another funnel for brands to reach a wider audience. And it’s no surprise that this feature has fast become a favorite function for millions of users, including outpacing the growth of snapchat ‘s users.

#3: Evaluate Instagram Stories Data

On the same dashboard, you have stories analytics. Sprout social saves the data so you can evaluate your stories performance in the long term, even though instagram itself has a two-week limit for stories data.

Instagram Marketing Tip #7: Post at the Right Times

Last but not least, we have the instagram marketing myth that states that you need to post content multiple times every day just to see results.

Unlock the value of Instagram.

Instagram is a great place to unlock your full online potential by reaching a giant, yet targeted, group of consumers.

Whatever your instagram goals are, your content and marketing strategy can be greatly enhanced by tracking your analytics. It’s one of the keys to unlocking access to a bigger slice of instagram’s 500 million+ active daily users.

When you update your profile to a business account, you unlock unique features that can help you use instagram more effectively in your marketing efforts.

Let Me Train Your Marketing Team

If you really want to get on the instagram influencer train, teaming up with an influencer marketing agency can offer you the support you need when looking for paid opportunities.

It’s also crucial to evaluate the aptitude of a social media marketing team. Does the agency have professional marketers with a track record for producing results-driven marketing material? are they informed about the latest marketing trends while receiving continual training?.

The Best Instagram Analytics Tools

Additionally, you learn the best instagram analytics tools. First things first: here are the things instagram analytics helps you to do.

– you get access to instagram’s analytics tools called insights where you can see stats such as impressions and reach for your content.

There are also quite a few instagram analytics tools available (for those with business profiles), and some of these are even free.

About hack Instagram tool

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Raffaele gaito – growth hacker. “i have been looking for a tool to do structured and complete analysis on instagram.

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