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Professional affiliate marketers know these four things one you need a lead capture funnel that converts two you need a sales funnel that converts three you need an email funnel that converts four you need traffic that converts we have over 200 complete funnels that take care of numbers one two and three for you you just select one enter your own affiliate link and then promote everyone is trying to sell you templates they call or refer to them using different names but at the end of the day it is still just a crude outline of what you need and then it is up to you to create something that converts in other words their secret motto is try it and if you succeed give us credit and if you fail it’s all your fault hi i’m cartoon cliff i’m here because real cliff didn’t want to comb his hair i’m a professional affiliate marketer and i’ve made millions online unlike other companies who try to pass off silly little templates or drag and drop editors and essentially leave you on your own to build an effective funnel we just go ahead and do all of that work for you since as i mentioned before a funnel is basically three complete funnels that merge together in a way that each one feeds the next and in their totality create a situation where additional ongoing monetization continues for about a year this is the true anatomy of a professional affiliate funnel setup we supply everything and you just plug in your own affiliate links and start promoting whichever funnel you choose all funnels available to you have already been fully vetted and proven to be high conversion systems from lead capture to affiliate sales with additional one-time offers to drive up income all the way to professionally written follow-up email series that continue pulling conversions for other tightly related products for months and months to come come check us out and let’s see if we can provide you with the ultimate affiliate marketing shortcut

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