👋Goodbye Content Samurai, Hello Vidnami!

The team at Noble Samurai is saying goodbye to Content Samurai this week…

…but it’s retirement is actually great news!

You see, they’ve just finished redesigning Content Samurai from the ground up, to create an all-new, easy to use video creation app they now call…

And with the new name and new design comes a faster, easier way to create unique, professional videos for your business!

Click here to check out all the new features and discover just how easy it is to create stunning videos using Vidnami:

The all new Vidnami allows you to:

Create Viral Influencer Videos with automatic captions and professional stock footage in minutes!
Quickly transform your old blog posts into traffic generating videos that are perfect for social media.
Create attention grabbing Facebook Ads with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Produce high-converting Video Sales Letters to transform more visitors into paying customers.
AND create stunning videos for your online courses faster than ever before!

Why did they change the name?

The Samurai team felt that Content Samurai was a long name that was hard to spell, and didn’t really sound like a video creation tool.

Vidnami on the other hand, is a short name that’s easy to spell, and it sounds much more like a modern video creation platform.
What does the name Vidnami mean?

The name Vidnami comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to create a positive wave of influence in the world.

You see, Vidnami is all about sharing your message with a global audience and making a real difference.

To see exactly how this works, be sure to check out the quick demo video here.

Talk soon,


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